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Couples that are trying to get pregnant have a distinct set of health needs. Acupuncture and holistic nutrition can improve fertility for both men and women. At Balanced Health Acupuncture of New York, David Chiu L.Ac. offers specialized fertility acupuncture and nutritional support to patients in Midtown, New York, NY.
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Fertility Q & A

by David Chiu, L.Ac.

What is acupuncture for fertility?

For many couples, struggling to get pregnant is a frustrating and emotionally draining health concern. In the past decade, increasing numbers of patients are turning to the age-old practice of acupuncture to treat infertility when modern medicine falls short. Many couples are referred to an acupuncturist after a failed attempt at in vitro fertilization (IVF); clinical studies have demonstrated that acupuncture during IVF treatment greatly increases pregnancy success. Couples that are planning to get pregnant can benefit from acupuncture and nutritional support for fertility from the start, with the goal of avoiding expensive and physically demanding infertility treatments altogether. Acupuncture and holistic nutrition work together to improve both male and female fertility and increase the chance of a healthy, successful pregnancy.

How does it work?

David applies ultra-thin acupuncture needles to specific points on the body to release tension, reduce stress, balance hormones, and improve blood flow. Depending on the condition being treated, he may also recommend holistic nutritional supplements and dietary changes. Acupuncture treatment is virtually painless, there is very little risk of marks or bruising, and patients can return to normal daily activities right away after treatment.

How can acupuncture improve fertility in women?

For women that are trying to get pregnant, fertility issues can be a scary concern. Acupuncture can help improve fertility in two major ways. First, acupuncture improves blood flow to the pelvis and reproductive tract, leading to healthier eggs, more balanced hormones, and greater chances of a healthy pregnancy. Second, stress is often a key factor infertility problems. High levels of stress can interfere with proper ovulation. Acupuncture is a proven treatment for stress and anxiety and helps prime the brain for a successful pregnancy.

How can acupuncture improve fertility in men?

Just as with acupuncture for female fertility, male fertility benefits from the increased blood flow, hormonal balance, and calming effects of acupuncture. Clinical studies have demonstrated that acupuncture treatment improves sperm production and quality in men with infertility. Acupuncture can dramatically improve sperm count, particularly when combined with holistic nutritional supplements.


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    “I love everything about my treatments at Balanced Health Acupuncture. From the convenience to my office (right next to Grand Central Station) to the calm atmosphere…”

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