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Microneedling Facial for wrinkles, fine lines and overall skin health!

A lot of people ask me if acupuncture can help with wrinkles and fine lines.  The answer is yes!  And even better is that it actually lasts longer than botox and other facials if done consistently and is a healthier way for your skin to produce collagen naturally. 

For centuries, Chinese royalty have tried using acupuncture and dermarollers as a beauty regimen to maintain their skin and youthful apperance.  By causing micro-trauma to the skin, the body will naturally respond by producing collagen and new skin cells.  And unlike other facials such as microderm abrasions and peels, the top layer of the skin remains in tact protecting the deeper layers during the rejuvenation process.  This offers a better opportunity for the skin to heal.  

At Balanced Health Acupuncutre, I use a microneedling pen instead of a dermaroller to do the facial.  In conjunction with this, I apply special serums containing lab grade vegan stem cells and herbal ingredients that help the skin to produce collagen.  It's been found that microneedling enhances serum absorption by 2000-3000%!  It has also been discovered that microneedling is not limited to just wrinkles and fine lines but can also help with scars, age spots, and acne as well.  Some have even used it for hair loss!  This is why we are happy to offer microneedling facials along with other services here.   

For some of my clients, in addition to microneedling, I address their nutritional needs through whole food supplements and herbs which supplies the body with the necessary nutrients to make collagen and maintain healthier skin.  

To schedule an appointment or to find out more information on Microneedling Facials or about any of our other services email



David Chiu L.Ac.

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