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Scared of a Pandemic? Then Support your Immune System with Good Nutrition and Acupuncture!

Your body requires good nutrition to stay healthy.  It needs the proper vitamins and nutrients in their complete forms to function optimally.  Unfortunately most of us live unhealthy lifestyles and have poor diets which stresses your body and that can cause a weakened immune system.  So if you are worried and stressed about catching the next super virus or bacteria or just the common cold, it's important to start with your immune system and making sure it has what it needs to fight off any infection.  

Lynn Mayer, CNC Nutirtion Consultant wrote an article back in 2005 regarding this issue and it still holds true to this day.  With her permission, I have given the link below for people to read.

Concerned about Global Viruses

In addition to good nutrition, acupuncture may benefit the body's immune system by helping with stress.  Stress is known to compromise one's immune system thus making someone more susceptible to infection.  So by managing stress it may help the immune system stay strong and prevent any infection from occurring.

To receive an assessment on your health and to discuss what Standard Process nutritional supplements you may need contact me for an appointment.

David Chiu L.Ac.

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